Day 6-10

Day 6:

Thursday, August 16th: Climbed Seldon pass (10,898ft). Picked up resupply at Muir Trail Ranch to continue the journey southbound (SOBO). MTR is considered at half way point of JMT. Camp at Evolution Meadow (Mile 116 of JMT).

Marie Lake is where we camped overnight! Beautiful lake and we were so surprise that we had the lake for ourself and pack of coyotes howling at night!

Reflection of Heart Lake! Yes - The shape of the lake looks like the heart.

Trail along Sallie Keyes Lakes

Day 7:

The highlight of today was Muir pass (11,950ft). Finally being at Muir Hut was a treat! Again strangest thing was that no one here on such a beautiful day! Found perfect campground next to river and called for the night.

John Muir Memorial Shelter aka Muir Hut - 11, 955 ft

Day 8:

Saturday, August 18th: JMT seemed to get better each day! Wonderful to see this interesting rock called "Moster Rock"! Fork Kings River, Grousse Meadows and the famous Golden Stairscase were the hightlight of the day. Nice weather in the morning but it was hot in the afternoon so jumping in Palisade Creek and again at Palisade Lakes to cool down. It was a treat. Camped at Palisade Lakes (Mile 148 of JMT).

I saw a lot of deers but no bear :-(. I almost got eaten by the Rock Monster!

Grousse Meadows! This place took my breath away!

The view from Golden Staircase

Palisade Lakes

Day 9:

Sunday, August 19th: Climbed Mather Pass (12,100ft) and Pinchot Pass (12,086ft). Camped at mile 166 of JMT.

View from Mather Pass (12,100ft)

Day 10:

Monday, August 20th: Incredible hiked downhill to the Valley in the morning - such a fresh air and tranquility! Walking across the suspension bridge, swam at Rae Lakes and Glen Pass (11,924ft) were the highlight of the day. Camped next a beautiful creek at Mile 181 of JMT.

Rae Lakes

Suspension bridge - felt like walking on air!

Glen Pass (11,924 ft)

Lucky again - found an awesome campground!