Day 11-14

Day 11:

Tuesday, August 21th: Forester pass was the hightlight for today. Incredible view from 13,200ft. Fun and short hike today! Mile 193 of JMT.

Incredible view from Forester Pass (13,200ft)

The trail looks like moonspace downhill from Forester Pass

Tyndall Creek campground

Awesome water stream next to campground!

Day 12:

Wednesday, August 22nd: Had a mixed feelings that JMT was about to end! The plan is to go to bed early and waked up at midnight (full moon) and started to hike 4 miles at 2 am with 2500 ft to Whitney to watch the sunrise! Mile 206 of JMT.

Campground above the Guitar Lake.

Day 13:

Thursday, August 23th: Began to hike to Mtn Whitney at 1:30 am morning. Hiking at night was a total wonderful experience, especially under full moon! and watching sunrise at the highest peak in low 48 states was unforgetable lifetime experience.

People asked me why I want to climb Mt Whitney to watch the sunrise. My question is that how many people can watch the sunrise at 14,5005ft! This was one unforgetable lifetime experience.

I was here with my signature :-). This is my second at Mt Whitney.

Whitney Portal. That was a long 11 miles downhill from Mt Whitney! Felt happy that everything went so well! Had a wondeful time....back to Yosemite Valley!

Day 14:

Friday, August 24th: Yosemite Valley was closed due to Ferguson fire so right after we descended to Whitney Portal and had juicy burger, we drove back to to Yosemite Valley and hike the first section of JMT next day. Officially finished JMT 8:00 pm at where we started - Tuolumne Meadows Wilderness Permit office.

Sunset at Tuolumne Meadows. This is where we officially finished our JMT.