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Day 1:

Saturday, Aug 11th: Due to Ferguson fire, there were a lot of cancellations. Getting the permit was quite easy. As instructed, we must hike at least 5 miles from Tuolumne Meadows. We ended up of hiking 8 miles on the first day. Spotted a great campground at mile 32 of JMT and decided to call it the day. Felt a little of smoke in the air but it was not that bad!

Tuolumne Meadows

Where can you find campground like this? Talking about lucky on the first day on the trail!

Day 2:

Sunday, Aug 12th: Climbed two passes: Donohue (11,073ft) and Island Pass (10,205ft). Stopped at 1000 Island Lake to fill up water and had Lunch. One of the beautiful lake on the JMT. Camped at Rosalie Lake (Mile 51 of JMT).

1000 Island Lake

Day 3:

Monday, Aug 13th: Finally I had a chance to visit Devils Postpile. Camp at Deer Creek (mile 66 of JMT).

Devils Postpile

Campground next to Rosalie Lake

My breakfast in the morning at the lake! Personally i didn't want to leave but knowing more beautiful scenery are awaited.

Day 4:

Tuesday, Aug 13th: Nothing beats the pristine, tranquility of the morning hiking in the forest! Passed by Purple lake, Lake Virginia. Tully Hole was a beautiful area. Camped at Silver Pass Lake (10,386 ft, mile 82 of JMT). This became a tradition now that everytime we got over a pass (Silver Pass), got the chance to blow the whistle.

At the end of the day, could not ask for a better campground. Swam at the lake and water surprisingly was not that cold!

Day 5:

Wednesday, August 15th: Miles and miles of beautiful scenery! The strangest thing that we camped at Marie lake (10500 ft) and no one was here! (Mile 101 of JMT). Tomorrow, pick up resupply at MTR (Muir Trail Ranch).

Continue to find gorgeous campground!