About Me

I am not sure if being outdoor enthusiast is in my blood but as long as i remember, the image of the car can drive through the tree implanted in my head when i was young. I saw the picture while I was flipping through pages the black and white magazine without understand a single word of English! I always wondered where is this place? Is it even possible? How could a tree trunk can get this big!

Ever since this became my obsession! Not until right after I finished college, I took a road trip driving along the West Coast and search for the tree(s) and spent much of my time outdoor visiting National Parks. I had such a great time. I knew then that was something i need to spend more time on. I felt in love with the outdoors.

The more I hike the more i got obsessed. I hear about John Muir Trail many years ago and always wish that someday i can do it. Not until late last year, something really has ticked me to make the serious decision about hiking the entire John Muir Trail. Maybe right after my Alaska trip in 2017, it made me realize how much I really missed outdoor adventure. My mantra was "now or never". So that was how my adventure of John Muir Trail began!

Happy Trails!