Final thought

Right Photo:

I took this photo long time ago without knowing of its significance. I even commented who is on earth would hike 211 miles to Mount Whitney.

Left Photo:

Here I am years later finished the John Muir Trail in 14 days and had a blast of my life! That was a life changing adventure!

Day 15:

Saturday, August 25th: The feeling of waking up this morning was a mixed feeling - no more trail to hike. It was time to head home but there was one more thing that we need to do: "buy some Snickers bar"!

Snickers bar story: I rarely eat Snickers! but i need high calorie desert and compact as food source to keep me warn at night. It seems like most hikers end up of choosing Snicker. Somehow the conversation about Snickers with my trek partner (she bought some) evolving with Park Ranger as we were issued the wilderness permit. One of the Park Ranger was hearing our conversation and said " We love Snickers". Since we got a good start and everything were going so smooth, I told Cyndi i would not mind to give them to show our appreciation after the hike.

Luckily there was small grocery store at Tuolumne Meadows that sale Snickers bar! As we walked in the Wilderness Office, we met the same Park Ranger that issued our permit two weeks ago. Her seriousness as we walked in turned delightful as we presented her with half dozen of Snickers bar. We were thanking her and National Park Rangers for the job well and appreciated for a wonderful job they are doing to our National Parks. She said she will take some on her hiking trip tomorrow. Gave her a hug and photo-op! I felt a sense of satisfaction and great joy as i walked out the Wilderness office thinking how bless I was that everything about this trip turned out so wonderful.

Time to head back to Yosemite Valley for a big breakfast and for Cyndi to pick up her car. Unloaded her gear and It was an emotional moment for us as we said goodbye! I read a lot of horrible stories about trekking partners! All my worries were disappeared after couple days with her. I felt lucky that she decided to hike with me on this journey. I could not ask a better trekking partner! We were the A-team.

Final thought: In life you can plan all you want but you would have to be flexible on your decision making. This trip re-affirmed my thinking. I was so surprised that everything went so smooth beyond my expectation. I could not ask a better hiking partner - Cyndi. She was in sync with my idea on how we will take on the challenge JMT and also had a lot of fun! The journey was beyond my expectation and more - beyond my wildest dream. This journey made me a better person as a human being and also enriched my soul! I expected thumder storm in the Summer months, rain, hot, cold beautiful and spectacular scenic vistas and I got them all. On top of that, we got the best camp sites for 13 days straight. Felt like someone was watching over my well being! Felt so blessed.

Happy Trails!