Photo Albums

John Muir Trail (JMT) is truly beautiful; a magical trail! The official mileage (211 miles/47,000 ft of elevation) of JMT is long but somehow I did not feel that way. I guess miles and miles of breathtaking scenic vistas and the landscape was constantly changing that you never got tired of the views. Nothing beats the experience of being there: tranquilty, solitude, pristine, fresh air of early morning sun, beautiful waterfalls, rivers, lakes etc...magical mother nature did wondered. I can only take photos and share with you but if you should make the time to be there, I can only guarantee you that mother nature will enrich your heart and soul as it did mine!

After a trip, I usually posted a few pictures to share with family and friends. Since I spent 2 weeks on the trail, it is hard to do justice to share a few photos! I decided to spend sometime to write up my journey so i can look back and hopefully i can inspire others to hit the trail and spend more time outdoors.

Photo albums: Day 1-5, Day 6-10, Day 11-14 and my JMT journal of each day on the trail!

Short version (below): randomly picked 14 photos of my 14 days on the John Muir trail.

Hope you enjoy,


Happy trails!

Tuolume Meadows (Day 1)

1000 Island (Day 2)

Devils Pospile (Day 3)

Pristine morning on the JMT trail (Day 4)

Miles and miles of trail like this! (Day 5)

One of many waterfalls and streams on the trail ( Day 6)

John Muir Memorial Shelter aka Muir Hut - 11, 955 ft ( Day 7)

I was enjoying my hike in the forest and suddenly this gorgeous meadow was in front of me. Took my breath away! (Day 8)

View from Pinchot Pass -10,086 ft (Day 9)

Some where near Rae Lakes ( Day 10)

Forester Pass - 13,118 ft ( Day 11)

Above Guitar Lake, ready for Whitney Summit to watch sunrise ( Day 12)

Sunrise Mt Whitney ( Day 13)

Tuolume Meadows Sunset (Day 14). I don't think i could ask a better ending after a long journey ~220 miles/47,000ft (14 days)!